Learn to Draw Birds this Fall

With fall settling in and days getting shorter, why not spend the darkness learning how to bring nature to life with your pencil. Starting October 20th, I will be teaching a 5-session online course through McNally Robinson Booksellers to help you learn how to draw birds. Each 2-hour session will run from 7 – 9 pm, CDT and will be conducted over zoom. We will explore different types of birds, from songbirds to raptors, and how to render them in a variety of poses. We will lean the secrets of drawing feathers and how to make birds fly off of your page. Session 1: Bird Basics: how to draw basic bird shapes, focusing on songbirds Session 2: Birds of Prey: how to deal with their more upright posture, heavier beaks and forward-facing eyes Session 3: Birds in Flight: expanding on what we learned with raptors. How do wings work and how to evoke a sense of motion Session 4: Waterbirds: from ducks to shorebirds, herons and cranes. Exploring a wide variety of shapes and sizes Session 5: The devil is in the details: We’ll go back to our previous drawings to look at rending eyes, beaks, feet and feather details. If time permits, we can explore adding colour. Although we will use the above outline as a basis for the course, sessions may be modified based on the interests of participants. Regardless of your skill level, I can help you make your birds realistic and beautiful and have a lot of fun doing it. Book your space today!

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