Illustration about

A picture truly is worth a thousand words. A good illustration can make all the difference when trying to convey information and make a connection with your audience.

  • Beautiful and engaging illustrations attract people’s attention and hold them longer.
  • You can convey complex concepts and information more quickly and easily with images than with text.
  • Illustrations allow you to visualize things that might not otherwise be easily seen, like a rare behaviour, or the anatomy of a plant or animal.
  • Good illustrations help reinforce messages with easily-recalled visuals.
  • Pictures transcend language and help get your message across to larger audiences.

With over 25 years of artistic experience, I can bring your stories to life at any scale. Whether you are looking for a diagram, infographic, map, nature illustration, or mural, I bring an attention to detail and artistic sense that makes every piece engaging and special.

While I render most pieces in digital formats for interpretive panels and other exhibits, I also work in graphite, coloured pencil, and acrylics.

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