Exhibits and Interpretive Media about

Interpretive panels should grab your attention, be easy to read, and convey their message quickly and clearly.

Most panels are created by a team of people, each with their own specialty. Interpretive writers compose the text copy, while an illustrator creates the images. All of it gets sewn together by a graphic designer who creates the final layout. Whether it’s done by many people or a few, these are the basic steps, and most people do them in that order.

However, we do things a little differently.

Whether working on my own, or in collaboration with another designer, I take a more holistic approach to panel creation. Once the themes and content have been planned out for each panel, we create a template, laying out where all text, images, and illustrations will go. I create illustrations and diagrams in concert with the overall layout design to ensure that everything fits and nothing is cluttered. I then write the text to fit the space, making sure to hit all of the themes and important points. By taking this approach, I make sure that the focus is on the visual elements of the panel and the text is short, sweet and impactful. This results in exhibits that grab your eye, make you want to stay and learn, and leave you with a message that sticks.

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