Interpretation is about sharing stories. It goes beyond facts and figures and seeks to evoke emotion and inspire awe and wonder.

Whether you are a small trail organization, community council, large museum or visitor centre, I can help you share your story and create an engaging experience for your visitors.

My name is Heather Hinam, and I am a naturalist, artist, and interpretive specialist. Through my award-winning business, Second Nature, I can help you create both physical and digital interpretive exhibits that will touch your visitors’ minds, hearts, and imagination.

Whether working on my own with one of my partners, I can help you with a wide variety of interpretive needs, including:

  • Interpretive planning
  • Panel and exhibit design
  • Digital media planning and creation
  • Illustration, maps, diagrams, and infographics
  • Interpretive writing, story editing, and research

So, How Do You Make Interpretive Signs Anyway?

When I tell people that I make interpretive signs for a living, the most common response I get is ‘I’ve always wondered where those come from.’ It’s definitely become clear to me through many conversations with clients that people have a hard time conceptualizing the...

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